Finding Love

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Love is one of the most complex emotions we can ever experience. For me, it has led me to feel secure and wanted but has also acted as a double-edged sword and made me hurt and confused. How has love affected your life? With such an important emotion, this article explains its many complexities.

Love is arguably one of the most profound emotions we possess. It can create a euphoric adrenaline rush a strong feeling of passion, intensity, adoration, and affection.

Love can and often does gives us a feeling of having extra special powers intensifying our emotions it can make us feel untouchable.  The power of love can exhibit a dream-like state one which we never wish to wake up from. 

But finding love can be difficult and heartbreaking that is why you need this book. 

You'll discover: 

 1. How to Find Dates at Singles Clubs

2. Finding a Religious-minded Date

3. Finding a Date Online

4. Finding a Date Through Volunteer Activity

5. Finding a Date at Work

6. Dating at College

7. Meeting a Date Inadvertently

And much more 

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Finding Love

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