Your Amazing Marriage - eBook

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Love in its purest state makes life all worthwhile. It can build confidence, passion, desire, and so many complex emotions there are too many to name. However, the value of pure love transcends all other emotions, because....

It is so deep, so rich and so intense.  


If you are looking to build a lasting legacy of love and a way that you can sustain the wholeness of a loving relationship you would benefit from this holistic ebook  It explains the idea that building a positive and loving relationship which is all about making your partner feel valued.

It gives you 15 powerful tips that are guaranteed to supercharge any relationship

The reality is we all need validation in our relationships. It's that gentle knowing that what we say and do means something to our partner. Validation comes in many shapes and forms and Your Amazing Marriage gives you the key to unlocking the door to an abundant relationship.

You see, if we don't feel needed in a relationship it causes the relationship to stagnant. It turns off the romantic drive. This book reveals the hidden world driving the feelings of attraction. That will not only intensify your relationship it will help you make you irresistible to your partner.

You'll discover:

1. Catch your spouse doing something "right"

2. Share domestic chores

3. Becoming a good listener

4. Share parental decisions and support

5. Never forget to say please and thank you

6. Share financial responsibilities

7. Remember to apologize

8. Resolve conflicts quickly

9. Establish marital goals

10. Never go to bed angry

11, Plan time for romance

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You'll also discover:

Explore common interests
Share your fears and insecurities
Don't be afraid to cultivate your own interests
Never succumb to jealousy
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Your Amazing Marriage - eBook

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